Main Street Rag no longer offers self-publishing and/or bindery services to new clientele, but we do offer the following:

Back Alley

This page lists editing services from outside contractors whom we have used. We stand by the people you see listed here in terms of their qualifications, but editing services are often a matter of compatibility and cost. We recommend writers looking for these services interview editors prior to committing to working with them.

Contest Recommendations

Not all contests are the same in terms of guidelines and/or manuscript set up requirements. This page may apply to others, but it was primarily designed for our own.

Email Submissions

Again, this is geared to our own contests and is an ADVICE page for those who are not strong in their manuscript set up skills. It’s designed to help. Many have thanked us for the instructions, other have found it intimidating. It’s not a rule book. It’s advice on how to format your manuscript to get the best results.