Submission Guidelines


In order for writers to be more comfortable with our guidelines, we have streamlined them and created separate pages for each type of publishing we do since each has separate and specific guidelines and having them all in one place was confusing for some. Below is a list of links that also matches the options in the Submission Guidelines dropdown menu, but also gives a brief description.

Literary Magazine 

The Main Street Rag was our first publication back in 1996. It is a literary journal that is published quarterly. Specific details for what we are looking for and how to submit are available on this page.

Books to be reviewed: Don’t mail us hard copies unless we as for them. Query by email first to If we have a reviewer interested in reading your book, we’ll tell you where to send the hardcopy. We no longer review PDFs.


Anthologies are different from our literary magazine—though authors have been known to confuse the two and cross-pollinate their guidelines. Anthologies are selected differently by different editors, with specific reading periods, email addresses, and guidelines detailed on this page. Submission email addresses are embedded in the guidelines. If you don’t use the correct email address, the editor in charge of THAT anthology will not consider your work.

Book Publishing

Formerly known as the Publishing Options Page, this is the trimmed down version of the types of books we will publish as well as how and when to send them to us.